Crab Abble Crafts

Crab Abble Crafts, launched in 2019, started as a fun way for me to unload the ever-growing pile of handmade crochet items - from hats, to banners, to scrunchies. After a few months, I started exclusively designing my own crochet patterns, which I enjoyed much more. I began focusing on desiging, releasing a few special designs every year in the little time I had between work and my other hobbies.

Now three years into this journey, the shop has come full circle featuring physical products again along side my crochet patterns.

Ashtin's story

I started crocheting in high school after attending the great university of YouTube. I became obsessed and could frequently be found in some corner crocheting. In college, I became known as "the girl on the soccer team who knits!" (lol - I am only currently learning how to knit). Since then, my life has taken me many places, from Washington, where I grew up, to Arizona, Virginia, and now back to eastern Washington, where I currently live with my family.

When it comes to designing, I don't tend to stick to any one "style." I love to challenge myself to create unique designs. I am drawn to pieces that have simple stitches and textures, but use unique construction to stand out. My own personal style is a mesh between modern and clean lines and the unique hipster/boho/hiker chic that permeates the PNW, which is reflected in many of my patterns.